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GOLDGlobal Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease
GOLDGraduates of the Last Decade
GOLDGeneralized Object Oriented Language Developer
GOLDGlobal on Line Directory
GOLDGrammar Oriented Language Developer
GOLDGeneral on Line Diagnostics
GOLDGlobal Operational Datlink Document
GOLDGraphical Overview of Linkage Disequilibrium
GOLDGovernor's Office for Local Development (Kentucky, USA)
GOLDGrants On-Line Database
GOLDGeneral Ontology for Linguistic Description
GOLDGo on Laugh Daily (British TV)
GOLDGaucho On-Line Data
GOLDGeneric Obstacle and Lane Detection
GOLDGovernment On-Line Data (UK)
GOLDGigabit Optical Link Designer
GOLDGenetisch Orientierte Lebensspannenstudie zur Differentiellen Entwicklung
GOLDGeneral On-Line Display
GOLDGentlemen of Lyrical Distinction (barbershop quartet)
GOLDGood Old Lager Drinkers :-)
GOLDGuidance Online for those Learning at Distance
GOLDPolice Senior Command Station
GOLDGrand Opening Look Day
GOLDGate Overlap of Drain
GOLDGlobal Organization for Lysososmal Diseases
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Then it was that Carmack, his brother-in-law, Skookum Jim, and Cultus Charlie, another Indian, arrived in a canoe at Forty Mile, went straight to the gold commissioner, and recorded three claims and a discovery claim on Bonanza Creek.
So when the day approached he put on his invisible belt, took a sack of gold pieces with him, and slipping into her room in the middle of the night, he placed the bag of gold beside her bed and returned to his sheep.
And he pulled out the gold pieces which Fire Eater had given him.
In the year 1684 he happened to hear of a Spanish ship which had been cast away near the Bahama Islands, and which was supposed to contain a great deal of gold and silver.
And round about the wheel went merrily; the work was quickly done, and the straw was all spun into gold.
Yet as other countries still prized money, gold and silver was sometimes needed by the Utopians.
Each pan he carried down to the water to wash, and as he went higher up the hill the pans grew richer, until he began to save the gold in an empty baking-powder can which he carried carelessly in his hip-pocket.
Silas got up from his knees trembling, and looked round at the table: didn't the gold lie there after all?
One of these I shall present to him saying, "Here are the thousand gold pieces that I offered for your daughter's hand, and here," I shall continue, holding out the second purse, "are another thousand to show you that I am a man who is better than his word.
He did so, too, with all his might, and soon had collected more than a thousand pieces of quartz, which contained gold enclosed as though in an extremely hard crystal casket.
One small observation before I go further," he continued, after a pause, "whether it is true or no that the mother's fancies at the time of conception or in the months before birth can influence her child, this much is certain, my mother during her pregnancy had a passion for gold, and I am the victim of a monomania, of a craving for gold which must be gratified.
The story of the big idol of gold had occupied his thoughts for many hours.