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GTXGrand Tourisme Extra
GTXGreat Train Express
GTXGSRC (Gigascale Systems Research Center) Technology Extrapolation
GTXGonyautoxin (toxicology)
GTXGlobal TeleExchange
GTXGraded Treadmill Exercise (cardiology test)
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Binding was achieved for two of the major saxitoxin components of PSP, saxitoxin (STX) and gonyautoxin 2/3 (GTX), via two different binding protocols.
Newer agents like gonyautoxin, which is a paralytic neurotoxin is also been tested.
2004) were live when collected and showed no obvious effects of the high gonyautoxin and saxitoxin concentrations observed in their tissues.
PSP toxins consist of a suite of neurotoxins identified as saxitoxin, gonyautoxin, and their derivatives.
The toxin profile of this strain was characterized as primarily producing gonyautoxins (GTX) 1&4, with low levels of GTX 2&3 and saxitoxin observed (Negri et al.
According to Oshima (1995), there are 30 saxitoxin analogs in this group, with differences in toxicity and time course of action, including N-1 hydroxysaxitoxin or neosaxitoxin (neoSTX), the 11-sulfate analogs of SIX and neoSTX called gonyautoxins (GTX) and the 6N21 sulfo derivatives of STX, neoSTX and GTX toxins B1, B2 and C1 to C4 (Mahmood and Carmichael 1986; Chorus and Bartram 1999).
Toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics of gonyautoxins after an oral toxin dose in cats.