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GOOFGame Object Oriented Framework
GOOFGood Only on Friday
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India responded to Lodhi's goof at the UN, saying that the estranged neighbour used a fake picture to establish a false narrative.
Spray Goof Off([R]) Heavy Duty directly on the problem.
SOME quality goofs from Athens so far, especially from the weightlifting where the air has been thick with Dougie Donnelly's cries of "What a lifter
Today is National Goof Off Day and what better way to celebrate than throwing caution to the wind and having fun.
While referring to the CBI's action to suspend and transfer some officials responsible for the goof up, he said responsibility has been fixed and action has been taken.
What hooked me was Living, 2001, a video in which the image of the artist multiplies and his various selves communally hang out, share consolation, exchange advice, bicker, redecorate, clean house, goof off, lie around naked, and play with power tools.
If we wanted to be a goof, we would have made a more effective goof," Smith assures us.
A genetic goof that adds extra sets of chromosomes, or polyploidy, could trigger the split into gender forms, suggests Jill S.
The best "built-it-too-big-to-get-out-the-door" goof
In a nutshell: Affable if standard-issue overview with kind of an anti-``MST3K'' approach: Commentators exult profound subtexts rather than goof on cheesiness.
Goof off Responsibly: Even if your company allows personal use of your computer at work, your office network likely does not have the bandwidth you need for downloading Harry Met Sally or the compendium of Barry White.