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GOSPELGod Our Sins Paying Everyone Life
GOSPELGod Our Sins Payment Everyone Life
GOSPELGod Offers Sinful People Eternal Life
GOSPELGod's Only Son Promises Eternal Life
GOSPELGod's Only Son Provides Eternal Life
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But on the following Friday he was waited upon by the Pillars of the Church, who informed him that in order to be in harmony with the New Theology and get full advantage of modern methods of Gospel interpretation they had deemed it advisable to make a change.
Let us suppose an inhabitant of some remote and superior region, yet unskilled in the ways of men, having read and considered the precepts of the gospel, and the example of our Saviour, to come down in search of the true church: if he would not inquire after it among the cruel, the insolent, and the oppressive; among those who are continually grasping at dominion over souls as well as bodies; among those who are employed in procuring to themselves impunity for the most enormous villainies, and studying methods of destroying their fellow-creatures, not for their crimes but their errors; if he would not expect to meet benevolence, engage in massacres, or to find mercy in a court of inquisition, he would not look for the true church in the Church of Rome.
The Gospel of Three Dimensions must not be thus frustrated.
It was at this juncture that John Starhurst proclaimed that he would carry the Gospel from coast to coast of the Great Land, and that he would begin by penetrating the mountain fastnesses of the headwaters of the Rewa River.
To his fellow missionaries he explained that he was not bent upon martyrdom; that the call had come for him to carry the Gospel into Viti Levu, and that he was merely obeying the Lord's wish.
"During these days he labored to compose two works well worthy to be remembered besides the lessons we had from him, and singing of psalms: that is, he translated the Gospel of St.
Hence, they reject all political, and especially all revolutionary,action; they wish to attain their ends by peaceful means, and endeavour,by small experiments, necessarily doomed to failure, and by the force of example, to pave the way for the new social Gospel.
They, therefore, violently oppose all political action on the part of the working class; such action, according to them, can only result from blind unbelief in the new Gospel.
And there's such a thing as being oversperitial; we must have something beside Gospel i' this world.
See Table 4.15: Gospel Musical Development Chart-Praise and Worship Style for a comprehensive definition of the Praise and Worship Style.
The Festival of Hope 08 on June 14will be a jam-packed day, with Gospel artists, musicians and dancers from the UK and around the world taking over to entertain and inspire.
The two-week City Sings Gospel event in June will include public concerts, an exhibition and industry summit.