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GOUGEGimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment
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The test that best simulates this damage is the gouge resistance test currently being developed by NACE International.
12 weeks Alan Quinlan (Munster), May 2009: Arguably the most costly gouge of the lot as Quinlan's actions against Leinster skipper Leo Cullen cost him a place on the Lions tour of South Africa.
The terrain was much gentler than Montana's, but it didn't help Gouge, who was now smoking three packs of unfiltered Camels a day.
The single sleeve is approximately 16 inches long and can repair a gouge length of up to 10 inches long.
Their worry was not that Endeavour might be destroyed and its seven astronauts killed in a replay of the Columbia disaster as the gouge is too small to be catastrophic.
3 gouge, starts the series of tools that have a slight curve to the cutting edge.
I'm still wondering how they repaired the gouge in the receiver without replacing it but whatever they did it looks beautiful.
Of course, it was reported immediately, and we closed down our Internet site," Gouge said.
A problem, however, arose: the defendant, Gouge, refused to answer Oxford's suit, arguing that a judgment at common law could not be questioned in Chancery.
275-276 and William Gouge, Eight Treatises of Domesticall Duties (London, 1622), pp.
Todd Tibbetts, a Republican candidate for the Georgia State Senate, doesn't like price gougers, especially those who take advantage of the current gasoline shortage and gouge consumers by unfairly hiking prices at the pump.
In the second half Ospreys prop Paul James appeared to indicate to French referee Christophe Berdos, by pointing to his eye, that an opposition player had tried to gouge him.