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GRADGraduation Really Achieves Dreams (Los Angeles, California)
GRADGlobal Research and Development
GRADGroupe de Réalisations et d'Animation pour le Développement (French: Group Projects and Activities for Development)
GRADGenomic Research in the African Diaspora
GRADGraduate Resume Accumulation & Distribution
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At launch, Gradient has four companies in its portfolio: developer community Algorithmia, software company Cogniac, drone develop Cape and Aurima.
Keywords: Face Recognition, Image restoration, Gradient Distribution prior, Principal component Analysis, Face Image Analysis
But the UK is also a particularly good place to study the social gradient (once again, by that we mean there is a higher incidence of breast cancer among wealthier, more highly educated women).
Keywords: Density gradient, Swim-up, Intrauterine insemination, Sperm concentration, Sperm motility.
Unlike traditional handpainted yarns, which tend to change color in shorter bursts, gradient yarns change color in long runs.
The vast majority of gradient estimation work focuses on macro-scale changes of gradient, such as those found on highways.
This is done by combing the gravity and seismic crustal structure models in computing the isostatic gravity gradient and solving the VMM inverse problem of isostasy.
UG and terraces EC Bettenhaus m2 530 Warm roof on a concrete floor without gradient with Ortbetonbelag.
A former fellow at the National Cancer Institute, Goodman is a principal scientist at Gradient and an adjunct lecturer at Harvard.
Gradient shift is suspected to have a number of counterparts in the natural environment.
Although this sounds trivial, scientists involved in pH gradient studies know how difficult it is to develop buffer formulations capable of fulfilling this requirement.