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GGeneral Audiences (movie rating)
GGrin (used in chat and email)
GGiga- (a prefix meaning 1 billion)
GGravitational acceleration (physics)
GGroup (as in G-8, Group of 8 Industrialized Nations)
GGroup (algebraic object in mathematics)
GGood (numismatics; 2nd worst condition of coin)
GGood (philatelic auction term)
GGames Played (baseball)
GGold (rollplaying games)
GOne Thousand Dollars (common US slang)
GGuard (basketball)
GGate (transistor; electronics)
GGlasgow (postcode, United Kingdom)
GGauge (syringes)
GGoals Scored (various sports)
GGenus (mathematics)
GGraz (Austrian city)
GGlider (US Military aircraft vehicle type designation)
GGalway (Irish car registration)
GGibbs Free Energy (thermodynamics)
GGauss (magnetic flux density)
GGoalie (hockey, soccer, etc.)
GGlycine (amino acid)
GGlycoprotein (virus protein)
GGravida (number of pregnancies)
GGuanine (DNA base)
GGillette Company (NYSE symbol)
GGravida (gynecology)
GGorod (Russian, town/city; used in postal addresses)
GGamma Hydroxybutyrate
GParaguayan Guarani (national currency)
GDutch Guilder (national currency)
GGefreiter (German)
GGinoo (Filipino: Mr. or Sir)
GEastern Quebec (Canada Post designation)
GGeneral Intelligence Factor (psychology/psychometrics)
GGraffenberg (spot)
GInsured Letter (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
GGiesma (form of chromosome banding)
GGuilford Gravure (philatelic prefix on stamp coils)
GIssued Traffic Citation (Alabama Public Safety radio code)
GFederal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Illinois (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
GUndenominated United States Stamp (32 cents, introduced 1 Jan 1985)
GGerard Thematic Catalog (music, Italian)
GGenerator, Tachometer Generator, Exciter, or Rotating Amplifier
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The gravimetric network of Estonia consists of about 300 points measured over the last ten years by State Land Board.
Vibration: Vibration is detrimental to the operation of the gravimetric system because of the sensitivity of the scale, and special provisions must be taken to eliminate any vibration of the scale.
Gravimetric dosing systems, on the other hand, use one or more integrated weigh cells to measure input material.
Offers a full range of gravimetric and volumetric equipment that can stand alone or be mounted to machines or bins.
In the TrueWeigh gravimetric control system by Conair, the weigh hopper "floats" within a frame and is supported solely by a load cell.
Purchasing a gravimetric and chemical analysis of samples of particulate matter PM10 collected at the monitoring stations of the national network for permanent air quality monitoring "Zagreb-1", "Sisak-1" and "Zagreb-3", a gravimetric analysis and determination of the chemical composition of samples of particulate matter PM2 , 5 at measuring stations "Plitvice Lakes" and "Ksaverska Street" and the study of equivalence of non-reference method for the measurement of particulate matter PM10 monitoring stations on the national network for permanent air quality monitoring "Osijek-1", "river-2" and "The Plitvice Lakes , "according to the specification and conditions indicated in the offer lists.
today announced another milestone for this gravimetric mixing and metering system: shipment of the 20,000th blender.
The development about 25 years ago of self-calibrating, repeatable gravimetric blenders solved a lot of problems.
The Graviblend Plus is a continuous loss-in-weight gravimetric dosing and blending system for free flowing pellets and powder.
78 g/T Au when using the fire assay technique and 27,43 g/T Au by gravimetric method.
In contrast to the TrueBlend batch blenders, new True Weigh continuous gravimetric blenders simultaneously dispense each ingredient in a recipe and use a cascade mixing technology that results in a more homogeneous blend, even when additives need to he dosed in very small quantities.
Operation costs will be of $185/oz and of $230/oz after recuperation (80 percent in the case of a gravimetric plant)