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GRAJGray Jay (bird species)
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I looked up and the Gray Jay gave me a final glance, silently lifted into the air, and was gone in a quiet flutter of delicate wings.
A field test of density-dependent survival of simulated Gray Jay caches.
Mountain breeding populations of Bicknell's thrush, gray jay and blackpoll warbler are considered vulnerable.
In Canada (1994) 63 red squirrels (plots 9, 10, 11, 12, 13) and 5 Gray Jays (plots 11, 13) at ground and shrub nests, 5 deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus; plots 11, 12), 3 red-backed voles (Clethrionomys rutilus; plots 10, 12), and 1 black bear (Ursus americanus; plot 11) at ground nests were photographed.
Some guests would be a little timid at the prospect of a screaming gray jay landing on them, and they would just place the cracker in the palm of their hands.
The gray jay had flown in behind John and grabbed a beak-full of hot mustard from the container.
His photo of a gray jay swooping in for a landing along the snow-covered shore of Odell Lake earned the top prize in the Science/Natural History category.
CHRIS PIETSCH took this photograph of a gray jay as it swooped in for a landing along the snow-covered shore of Odell Lake.