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GRAPGenerally Recognised Accounting Practice (South Africa)
GRAPGuard Recruiting Assistance Program
GRAPGray Partridge (bird species)
GRAPGroupe de Recherche en Ambiances Physiques
GRAPD-Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate
GRAPGhana Research and Advocacy Programme (also seen as G-RAP)
GRAPGlobal Research and Assessment Program (US DoD)
GRAPGRB2 (Growth Factor Receptor-Bound 2) Related Adaptor Protein (genetics)
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1986: Test of a critical density index assumption: a case study with gray partridge.--Journal of Wildlife Management 50: 532-539.
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1 point 1 of the act of 28.9.1991 on forests (consolidated text: Journal of laws of 2017, Item 788, As amended) - hereinafter: "law on forests") covering works in the field of forest breeding and protection , Fire protection, Harvesting and skidding, Seeding, Nursery, Maintenance of forest facilities, Hunting economy including maintenance and management of aviary and reintroduction areas gray partridges (perdix perdix l.) in ohz kamionna and all other works related to forest management, Implementation in the lochw forest district in 2019-2021.