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GRCKGolden Retriever Club of Korea (South Korea)
GRCKGraywacke (lithological term)
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9 scales the spontaneous imbibition of water into different porous media (Berea, chalk, and Graywacke cores) with different initial water saturations.
23) Lane's geologists had identified vast quantities of Rensselaer Graywacke on Lane's Snake Mountain property.
Glacial deposits at Glacier Bay are derived from rocks of at least four terranes (Brew 1988) and include a large variety of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock types including diorite, granite, volcanic rocks, schist, marble, dolomite, graywacke, argillite, and limestone (Brew et al.
The brewery found a quarry to supply graywacke stones, which could stand the temperatures involved, and the "stone" beer brewing process was reborn.