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GHGGreenhouse Gas
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Energy supplies accounted for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions, and businesses were responsible for 17%.
The environmental impact of the highest greenhouse gas producing diets is eight times higher than that of the lowest greenhouse gas producing diets.
gy ned n ENERGY SUPPLY in the UK is also a big producer of greenhouse gas (26%), with power stations contributing two thirds of that, while Animal gases significant emissions.
The company found some of the strategies were more expensive than others - that is, they required more dollars per million metric tons of greenhouse gas reduced.
As one of three EPA award recipients for Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management Goal Setting, DFW Airport is being recognized for publicly reporting and verifying organization-wide greenhouse gas inventories and publicly setting aggressive greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.
Meanwhile, the study showed that atmospheric concentrations of CO2 -- the most important long-lived greenhouse gas -- reached 397.7 parts per million (ppm) in 2014.
This is the nation's sole program that collects facility-level greenhouse gas data from major industrial sources across the U.S., including power plants; oil and gas production and refining; iron and steel mills; and landfills.
In related news, the White House in March released a plan to cut emissions of methane, another greenhouse gas. The plan targets methane emissions from landfills, coal mines and agriculture.
If the Clean Air Act doesn't explicitly mention greenhouse gas emissions, how can the EPA regulate them?
The bill allows to reduce size of fine for exceeding quotas for greenhouse gas emissions from 10 to 5 MCI.
The Supreme Court has previously ruled the EPA has the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act, but granting a hearing in these lawsuits will give the court an opportunity to clarify those decisions.
Japan's greenhouse gas emissions increased 4.0 percent in fiscal 2011 from a year earlier, totaling the equivalent of 1,308 million tons of carbon dioxide, the Environment Ministry said in a revised report released Friday.
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