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In the previous example with a $2,300 deposit for the contractor doing around $4 million in annual gross receipts, the contractor could have a bad year because of economic conditions or illness.
Stephanie Deason of Torrance, California, told the Los Angeles Times that her 1994 Chevy Blazer, with a hitherto undiscovered broken fuel injector, flunked the smog test as a gross polluter.
The numbers of bass [in Apopka] are a tenth of what they'd be on most lakes," says Gross.
861 regulations establish an overall two-step approach--(1) allocation to a class of gross income and (2) apportionment within the class of gross income--to determine the deduction amount that must be attributed to certain statutorily defined types of gross income for purposes of computing taxable income.
Rather, in such cases, the donor may claim a deduction of more than $500 only to the extent that the gross proceeds from the sale exceed that amount and the donor substantiates the contribution with an acknowledgment from the charity that shows the gross proceeds from the sale.
Barbara Gross represented the tenant, Donahue, Hagan, Klein, Newsome & O'Donnell.
Taxpayers will need to determine which portion of the total gross receipts is allocable to an activity that is substantial in nature to a portion of a finished good.
Under the plan's terms, the employer pays the entire premium for this coverage and excludes the coverage's cost from the employee's gross income.
But, as Gross and Levitt explain, "The Newtonian laws of celestial mechanics are expressed by a decidedly nonlinear system of ordinary differential equations.
The combined gross revenues of those companies displaced from the BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100 was $307.