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GTVGunma TV (Japan)
GTVGran Turismo Veloce
GTVGross Transaction Value (e-commerce)
GTVgross tumor volume
GTVGala Television (Taiwan)
GTVGran Turismo Veloce (automobile specification)
GTVGround Test Vehicle
GTVGujranwala Television (Pakistan)
GTVGas Turbine Vessel (Maritime)
GTVGuidance Test Vehicle
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CT: computed tomography, RF: radiation field, GTV: gross tumor volume, CTV: clinical target volume, Ao: aorta, IVC: inferior vena cava, Kid: right kidney, ob: obturator lymph node, ci: left common iliac lymph node, and pa: para-aortic lymph node.
Primary focus in nasopharynx was called as gross tumor volume GTV1; positive lymphonodus in neck was called as GTV2; soft tissue or lymphonodus around tumor was called as clinical target volume CTV1; lymphonodus prophylactic irradiation area was CTV2.
Ung et al., "Observer variation in contouring gross tumor volume in patients with poorly defined non-small-cell lung tumors on CT: the impact of 18FDG-hybrid PET fusion," International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, vol.
[58] defined the gross tumor volume by MRI, CT, and [sup.68]Ga-DOTATOC PET/CT in 26 patients with meningioma.
A significant number of alternative segmentation techniques have been proposed to provide a more robust delineation of the gross tumor volume (GTV) and biological target volume (BTV).
In targeting, a visible legion on the CT image in the soft tissue condition was defined as the gross tumor volume (GTV).