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Numerical study of the aerodynamics of a NACA 4412 airfoil in dynamic ground effect, Aerospace Science and Technology 38: 56-63.
The influence of ground effect has been considered in the development of controllers for low-altitude flight in [26] using an adaptive controller and a height estimator that works well in the experiments, although false measurement from the ultrasonic sensor can destabilize the system.
The aerodynamic characteristics, specifically the ground effect, of the WIG craft with a compound wing were investigated in a low speed wind tunnel at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM-LST).
In fixed-wing airplanes, ground effect may be defined as an increase in lift and decreased induced drag when the wings are close to the surface (ground or water), increasing an airplane's lift-to-drag ratio.
An uncontrolled descent quickly develops, and at IGE (in ground effect) levels over flat terrain, an impact is virtually assured.
The bowl effect of the primary zone provides favorable winds on most days (reducing the power required to hover out of ground effect).
Here's a question for you about ground effect, prompted by your article, "Using Ground Effect," in the October 2015 issue, and specifically the statement: "We all should know ground effect is only encountered...well, close to a flat surface, be it liquid or solid, but sometimes we forget."
I could have settled the load onto the deck and hovered in ground effect to regain the lost rotor speed.
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