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If an ENFIRE kit is not available, the listed tools are the minimum needed to record the results of the ground reconnaissance.
The challenge of day-to-day ground reconnaissance in the Pacific will continue to be the purview of the conventional ground unit.
The CBRN Unmanned Ground Reconnaissance ACTD objective addressed current warfighting shortfalls and the present limitations of manned CBRN reconnaissance, including requirements for operators to dismount from their collective protection systems to survey potential contamination in vehicle-inaccessible areas.
The pod will also give the warplane a ground reconnaissance and scanning capability, even when the Eurofighter is flying at maximum speed at low altitudes and carrying out combat manoeuvres.
SARs were developed during the Cold War for their ability to provide ground reconnaissance through clouds and weather--unlike visual, infrared, and even hyper-spectral sensors--and for GMTI.
Three Ground Reconnaissance Troops and a Surveillance Troop will comprise the RSTA Squadron.
Surprisingly, a ground reconnaissance trip over the weekend to the eastern town of Baucau, East Timor's second largest, found the town's infrastructure largely intact, she said, with only about 5 % of the buildings damaged.
maps of the region, guided ground reconnaissance in 1990 and 1991.
Providing the squadron with additional ground reconnaissance personnel, intelligence analysts, and an engineer subject matter expert would increase the capability of the squadron and troop command posts to support the subordinate elements' reconnaissance efforts.
Further ground reconnaissance is required to fully assess the significance of the features.
These included deployment of emergency response teams by LAF and UNIFIL; aerial and ground reconnaissance of affected area; search, rescue and relief activities including first aid for victims, medical evacuation by ground and air transportation, deployment of fire-fighting and engineer assets for clearing debris and Explosive Ordnance Disposal