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GROWLGrassroots Organizing for Welfare Leadership
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From the lips of the ape-man broke a rumbling growl of warning.
It was impossible for the tawny cat to eat under that hail of missiles--he could but roar and growl and dodge and eventually he was driven away entirely from the carcass of Bara, the deer.
Also, when I am angry, my eyes flash fire, whether I growl or not.
Then Jip, still fast asleep, began to growl again and his lip curled up angrily, showing his clean, white teeth.
I was looking at her with pleasure and admiration, when suddenly the growl swelled into a roar again, and a frightful bumping noise was heard above, as if a giant with a wooden leg were trying to bore it through the ceiling to come to us.
Now," said Herbert, as the growl resounded in the beam once more, "he's down again on his back
With a growl the ape-man picked up a fallen branch and hurled it at the skulking brute.
Dango might have charged sooner but for the savage growls of the ape-man--growls which, coming from human lips, raised a question and a fear in the hyena's heart.
His face was partly averted, but his keen gray eyes never left those of Taug, and as he came, his growls increased in depth and volume.
Taug was eyeing the warrior and emitting low growls.
Here he stood rocking himself to and fro upon his short legs, baring his fangs in hideous grinnings, rumbling out an ever increasing volume of growls, which were slowly but steadily increasing to the proportions of roars.
However, being well filled, he contented himself with walking round the terror-stricken savage, emitting low, menacing growls the while he kept his flaming, baleful eyes riveted upon the black.