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GTDGetting Things Done
GTDGrand Touring Diesel
GTDGestational Trophoblastic Disease
GTDGeometrical Theory of Diffraction
GTDGeneric Transparency Descriptor
GTDGarantie de Taux de Disponibilité (Franch: Guaranteed Rate Availability)
GTDGenotype Diet
GTDGet Them Draws
GTDGonadotropin Deficiency
GTDGame Time Decision
GTDGlobal Trade Directory (database)
GTDGlobal Tone Detection
GTDGood Till Day (stock market)
GTDGalactic Terran Destroyer (game)
GTDGran Turismo Diesel (Volkswagen auto model)
GTDGame Theory Discussion
GTDGeothermal Technology Division
GTDGlobal Tracking Device
GTDGreatest Temperature Difference
GTDGun Turret Drive Electronics (Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Armies)
GTDGeneralized Tamm-Dancoff Approximation
GTDGenetically Transmitted Disease
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Q: Would guaranteed funding create an individual entitlement to health care?
Regarding guaranteed funds, I raise a big red caution flag.
These initial rates are usually equal to or lower than last year's full-term guaranteed rates, but they leave the consumer vulnerable to price increases later.
The plan then purchases annuity contracts that provide a guaranteed return, typically ranging from 3%-5%.
In general, guaranteed payments for capital are not treated as part of a sale.
To keep the business going, Litwin made several loans to the corporation and guaranteed loans from banks that totaled over $1.
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