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Joseph mentioned that he and his two brothers, Jacob Wipf, and Andrew Wurtz were led away to separate cells in the guardhouse.
Blackwell recently received a regional Honor Award in the new construction category from the American Institute of Architects for his design of Blessings Golf Clubhouse and Guardhouse in Johnson.
One of our finest is in the guardhouse this Good Friday, and we're thinking of throwing away the keys.
For the purposes of guard shift work, we divided the school grounds into four sections: the school's perimeter, the guardhouse at the entrance to the property, the main academic building, and a perimeter around the main building.
All those present, five in total, clambered into a car and arrived at the St Athan guardhouse.
A fearful guardhouse is how one writer described Harlech Castle, one of a string of such places that Edward the First erected following his predacious move on Wales in the 13th century.
In terms that will bring a smile to his friends who have long enjoyed his colorful language, Showalter explains, "The purpose of the military reforms was to strengthen the army by making it younger, fitter, and better trained--not to emasculate it by filling the ranks with disaffected time-servers kept in order by threats of the guardhouse and military prison.
First, employees would deck out the mill, stringing lights along the heavy chains at the entryway and stationing a glowing plastic Santa in the guardhouse.
He stormed off before I could ask him what was innocent about a mob wielding molotov cocktails and sledgehammers, and why NATO would build a guardhouse and station soldiers at a location they felt no obligation to actually defend.
They also investigated traffic accidents, operated a station guardhouse, and patrolled the local town.
Servicemen discovered his body near a guardhouse on the base shortly before 7am on Wednesday.
Additional upscale community amenities are access gates; guardhouse facilities; golf greens; elaborately planted gardens containing benches inviting lingering visitors; community fireplaces surrounded by furnished outdoor rooms; and equestrian facilities, among many other such highlights.