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Claire Hodgson, at Nike, said: "The brief was challenging as Guerilla had to come up with innovative communication materials that would have a real value and add to the conference theme of being a leader in your field.
Partnering with GoTV's Hip Hop Official channel allows us to bring the Guerilla Union festival and tour experience to hip-hop fans everywhere," said Chang Weisberg, president and founder of Guerilla Union.
Guerilla marketing can be particularly effective when faced with the following challenges:
Guerilla marketing has taken on a greater role in marketing campaigns in recent years thanks to the Internet with its reliance on speed, precision and cost effectiveness.
Guerilla Force is one of many modern marketing solutions MindComet offers its client partners.
Guerilla managing director James Allen said: "BENU Pharmacy chains are an entirely customer-focused healthcare provider, so it was important that the app was designed to provide features and benefits that would be relevant across the six countries.
Nicky, pictured, joins the seven-strong management team at Guerilla bringing with her 20 years' experience working at top agencies in the region.
Thanks to the American advisers' "conventional mindset," he writes, ARVN "was not trained for the guerilla war burgeoning within its own boundaries.
The Guerilla Studio at SIGGRAPH 2003 is a working laboratory with the latest versions of popular 2D and 3D design software running on high-end workstations which are connected to the newest state of the art output technologies including large-format printers and 3D rapid prototyping systems.
Guerilla, which has offices in Newcastle and London, was chosen for the accolade by leading marketing publication The Drum.
CREATIVE agency Guerilla is celebrating the return of a prodigal son who has rejoined the company he originally helped to set up.
Their collection combines both thematic essays on marginalized youth, separatism, and the politics of African guerillas and case studies of guerilla movements in Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Senegal, and Angola.