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A day in the life at Guerilla is great fun, but at the same time we take out client work very seriously.
Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, the leaders of China's Communist revolution, were ardent proponents of guerilla warfare.
Claire Hodgson, at Nike, said: "The brief was challenging as Guerilla had to come up with innovative communication materials that would have a real value and add to the conference theme of being a leader in your field.
It is of interest to note that the United States Marine Corps has developed a relatively new doctrine--Maneuver Warfare--that reflects the basics of guerilla warfare and also is based on the work of Col.
Guerilla marketing can be particularly effective when faced with the following challenges:
Guerilla marketing has taken on a greater role in marketing campaigns in recent years thanks to the Internet with its reliance on speed, precision and cost effectiveness.
The guerillas have continued perfecting their methods of operation at each of these stages.
On the negative side, this new edition remains uneven in its treatment of modern guerilla conflicts.
Although oriented toward a "qualitative" comparison and contrast of specific cases, Wickham-Crowley's work combines the rich description of context with an explicit attention to the causal logic of complex historical processes, something not usually found in the study of revolutionary change, Indeed, those interested in methodological precision will be pleasantly surprised by the author's careful testing of competing theoretical propositions and his use of Boolean truth-table logic as a means of establishing the necessary and sufficient conditions of guerilla success and failure.
The team, dubbed Guerilla Force, will specialize in the research, design, and deployment of online viral campaigns for MindComet's client partners.
Guerilla, which has offices in Newcastle and London, was chosen for the accolade by leading marketing publication The Drum.
This anthology offers a collection of short readings from 35 books by Jay Levinson, the father of guerilla marketing, and other contributors.