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GULAGGlavnoe Upravlenie Ispravitel-no-trudovykh Lagerei (Chief Directorate of prison camps in former Soviet Union)
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A few of the interview subjects will be familiar to those who have studied Gulag literature or the history of dissent.
Oblivion is compelling as a novel, but factor in the historical importance of this epoch in Russia's past and it becomes a necessary novel of Gulag literature.
Abuse of human rights stood at the center of the Gulag experience.
No more hungry children, no forgotten old people going door to door at night in the city streets asking for food, no children out of school with their talents and love of beauty lost forever, no one unemployed, no more gulags.
Ahn has now dedicated himself to his Free NK Gulag organisation.
Su oficina esta en la parte baja del Museo del Gulag, del que es fundador.
Just Send Me Word: A True Story Of Love And Survival In The Gulag by Orlando Figes (Allen Lane, pounds 20) The history professor tells the amazing love story of two students from Moscow.
While attention focused on North Korea this week ahead of Friday morning's missile launch, hundreds of Americans, Koreans, Japanese and others gathered in Washington to examine a different aspect of life in that communist nation: its ''hidden gulag.
Tamara Petkevich first imagined that she would record her experiences as a GULAG prisoner when she was 23 years old.
As an American I might say that my translating a memoir of a 'boss' in Stalin's Gulag was pure chance, but if I were Russian, I would no doubt say that it was fate.
IN Soviet-occupied Poland, officer Janusz (Jim Sturgess) is falsely incriminated as a spy by his wife (Sally Edwards) and sent to a Russian gulag in Siberia, which is surrounded by miles of snow.