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GULPGeneral Utility Lattice Program (chemistry imaging program)
GULPGreater Upstate Law Project
GULPGrenada United Labor Party
GULPGreater Ukiah Localization Project (Ukiah, CA)
GULPGroup Universal Life Program (insurance)
GULPGeneral Utility Library Program
GULPGruppo Ricercatori e Utenti Logic Programming (Italian: Association for Logic programming)
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Sean, originally from Teesside, lives in Newcastle along with fellow Hot Gulp members Patrick Low, originally from Cornwall, and Hal Branson from London.
Elaine Gracie, Head of Comedy Development at Bonafide Films, says: "Bonafide Films are committed to working with dynamic, fresh talent, and North East trio Hot Gulp have bags of potential in that category.
My personal spouse says that, in this department, Gulp takes the cake.
Nicky Henderson's Punchestowns is due to carry top weight at Haydock, meaning One Gulp would receive 9lbs in the Class Two contest.
When villagers drink unfiltered water from a pond, they also gulp down the worm-infected fleas, says Ernesto Ruiz-Tiben, technical director of the Carter Center's Guinea Worm Eradication Program.
It occurs to me that this predisposition to gulp life whole makes it challenging to live an authentically honest life, because in my hurriedness I get fuzzy about the details.
So instead of reaching for a diet soda, gulp water, flavored seltzer or unsweetened tea.
At a truck stop in the Southwest, a woman takes another big gulp of stale black coffee before starting up her rig.
Its subject looks at first like a dime-a-dozen blonde: An all-American girl drinking the all-American drink, she raises the Coke to her lips and takes a swig with a smile worthy of the Kennedys and none of the awkwardness that often accompanies a big gulp from an oversize bottle.
In one gulp, Borden Chemical absorbed Bakelite AG of Germany along with Resolution Performance Products (formerly Shell's epoxy business) and Resolution Specialty Materials (formerly part of Eastman Chemical and before that, McWhorter Technologies).
This "big gulp theory of acquisition" will continue over a 20-year timeframe, but Collins said it "can't come fast enough in my mind.