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GULPGeneral Utility Lattice Program (chemistry imaging program)
GULPGreater Upstate Law Project
GULPGrenada United Labor Party
GULPGreater Ukiah Localization Project (Ukiah, CA)
GULPGroup Universal Life Program (insurance)
GULPGeneral Utility Library Program
GULPGruppo Ricercatori e Utenti Logic Programming (Italian: Association for Logic programming)
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Gulp! scented baits are a different kind of critter.
The GULP campaign is aimed at young people and families to encourage them to switch from sugary drinks to water or milk - in fairness, bottled water is also available in the machines.
Jones worked with Prochnow and his team on a new flavor formula intended to fill in gaps between PowerBait and Gulp! products.
"The Big Gulp represents a point where something changed in a radical way--how much soda we were serving."
But comedy trio Hot Gulp swapped the trenches for a retail park - with the British and German forces substituted with employees of Sainsbury's and Tesco supermarkets.
"Gulp is far and away her funniest and most sparkling book, bringing Ms.
Gulp explores the alimentary canal, moving like a bolus of food from mouth to stomach to lower gastrointestinal tract.
OK, Uma was cradling baby Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson (gulp!) but even so - you're at a launch, do a photo.
BY the time you have finished this sentence, Caroline Cassin will have taken another desperate gulp of air into her ravaged lungs.