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GunSgtGunnery Sergeant (US Navy)
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The gunnery sergeant does not only assist with movement of cargo but has also learned about and is using a Navy time management system to manage his civilian workers.
In November 2008, Ward was released from the USMC at the rank of gunnery sergeant.
key control noncommissioned officer-in-charge (NCOIC) and special quarters chief Gunnery sergeant Duty brig supervisor.
Marine Gunnery Sergeant Nick Popaditch got his tank crew to stop and swung his caliber-50 machine gun to target the fighter.
95) is the story of Marin Gunnery Sergeant James Mitchell and Private First Class Spivits who are called upon to make a 200-mile trek to bring an anti-cholera serum to a remote American consulate in Shunkien, China against impossible odds and the risk of their very lives.
There is just something so special about that Oscar that he won 25 years ago as the tough gunnery sergeant who forces Richard Gere's character to become a man.
Yadao, a gunnery sergeant with the 82nd Airborne Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team, felt for the stopwatch hanging from his neck.
His career included two combat tours in Vietnam that included a combat promotion to staff sergeant, a stint as a drill instructor that earned him a promotion to gunnery sergeant and other tours of duty throughout the world, including Southwest Asia in preparation and execution of Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
Harvey Walden IV's FIGHTING FIT, FIGHTING FAT comes from a gunnery sergeant whose workout is pleasingly easy to follow.
Everything in this room is classified, and Gunnery Sergeant Adam Moore is clearly amused by my questions regarding what I can and cannot mention.
Made by Vapro International, Italy, It comes in a bottle as big as a US Gunnery Sergeant and in terms of giving out reassuring tones of virility, is a weapon of mass destruction.
For instance Gunnery Sergeant Fred W Stockham USMC was one of six marines awarded the Army Medal of Honor in WWI but unlike the other five marines he was not also awarded the Navy Medal of Honor for the same act of valour.