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GUYGuyana (ISO Country code)
GUYGirl Under You (Lady Gaga song)
GUYAir Guyane, French Guiana (ICAO code)
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Now there was a certain Guy of Gisborne, a hireling knight of the King's army, who heard of Robin and of the price upon his head.
"None," replied Sir Guy, "for I am convinced that forces of men can never come at the bold robber.
It is Guy of Gisbourne, and thou mayst have heard it before.
At last Guy of Gisbourne made a fierce and deadly thrust at Robin Hood, from which he leaped back lightly, but in so leaping he caught his heel in a root and fell heavily upon his back.
Well, my boy, it just happens I know your kind and I reckon I can make you get busy and work for me just as much as you did for that other guy. Now get busy."
"That guy's no good," said the head porter to assistant, when Del Mar had departed.
Pretty good for takin' a licking from a guy with my reputation.
They was hard fightin' there, an' some guy in the hotel lams that coal down from the second story window.
"And, Guy, I half mistrust this fellow who hath offered to assist us.
"The man with the red tie" (that was my cosmopolite), said he, "got hot on account of things said about the bum sidewalks and water supply of the place he come from by the other guy."
It was first fixed in print in the "Cornhill Magazine", being my first appearance in a serial of any kind; and I have lived long enough to see it guyed most agreeably by Mr.
We went sneaking down the slope of it to labboard, in the dark, towards the texas, feeling our way slow with our feet, and spreading our hands out to fend off the guys, for it was so dark we couldn't see no sign of them.