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In other words, "To St Margarett" involves identification in the sense Richard Wollheim defines it, when he remarks that "what we do when we identify with another is that we write a part for ourselves based upon that other in the hope that when we act it to ourselves we shall be carried away by the performance." (17) In this case, it is the "performance" of Margarett's heroic virginity that he seeks to enact: "Teach me (o virgyn) how thou dydd'st prevayle: / Virginity thou saiest was all thy Ayde: / gyve me then purity in steade of power, / and let my soule mayd chaste, passe for a Mayde" (11-14).
Below the apostles are a series of suitably morbid and uplifting rhymes: Syth death so certain ys and shoer, and so uncertain ys the houer, Regard the concell whych I gyve: Lyve well to dye, dye well to lyve.
Though advocating a balance of scriptural and ceremonial emphases, Cardinal Reginald Pole stressed that "the observatyon of ceremonyes, for obedyence sake, wyll gyve more light than all the readynge of Scrypture can doe." Though "the thynge that gyveth us the veraye light, ys none of them both," neither ceremonies nor scripture, yet "they are most apte to receyve light, that are more obe yent to follow ceremonyes, than to reade" (Ibid., 531).