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People are turning to the GZIP compression IP from CAST as it offers excellent features and performance.
We can observe that Snappy and lz4 perform better than gzip and zip.
AHA remains the preferred supplier for GZIP acceleration due to unmatched customer support directly from their development engineers.
Zopfli is bit-stream compatible with compression used in gzip, Zip, PNG, HTTP requests, and others.
Using Adler's code as a basis, Andy Anderson and myself were able to successfully make a parallel version of ZLIB, which we called CZIP, that would compress files in GZIP format for the Cell Broadband Engine.
The new release reportedly introduces: swim lanes for cross-organisation and cross-silo modelling; improved business rules modelling; improvements to the XForms-based studio for building composite applications; PageFlow support for streamlined workflow execution; XGrid technology; GZIP to reduce network load and latencies; advanced management of priorities, due dates, duration and time registration of processes and workflow tasks; stop/start of multiple instances; XML Security for confidentiality and transmission integrity of every XML message; SAML-based implementation of Single Sign On (SSO); as well as extended auditing and authorisation of BPM model and rules changes.
Compression/Decompression performance of up to 6Gbps for GZIP, PKZIP and variant protocols with unmatched compression ratios.
Within that B-tree the data is also compressed to make it essentially of identical size to a normal gzip of the same data--about 90% reduction of the raw data size.
Both tar and gzip are available in open-source implementations and do not employ proprietary algorithms, which would require the payment of royalties.
It has a built-in compression/decompress utility for extracting and creating archives in Zip, GZip and TAR formats.
WebRider takes over such functions as SSL encryption, GZIP compression and TCP connection management.