hEDSHypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (inherited connective tissue disorder)
hEDSHealth Economics and Decision Science (University of Sheffield; UK)
hEDSHuman Exploration and Development of Space (NASA)
hEDSHigher Education Digitisation Service (University of Hertfordshire; UK)
hEDSHigher Education Diversity Summit (Denver, CO)
hEDSHerpetic Eye Disease Study (clinical trial)
hEDSHigher Education Data Sharing Consortium
hEDSHealth Electronic Data Sheet
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I don't believe in deceivin' folks, but if you've hed hard thoughts you ain't obleeged to own 'em up; take 'em to the Lord in prayer, as the hymn says, and then don't go on hevin' 'em.
Granma got him up a meal and when hed et it he began prowling about the kitchen looking into everything and opening the cubbord doors.
I HED aimed to dee wheare I'd sarved fur sixty year; and I thowt I'd lug my books up into t' garret, and all my bits o' stuff, and they sud hev' t' kitchen to theirseln; for t' sake o' quietness.
Frank waved his hand--das hed away the tears that were gathering in his eyes--and hurried out.
it, ye hed manne of ye villayge where it grewe made answer as
'My friends,' Stephen began, in the midst of a dead calm; 'I ha' hed what's been spok'n o' me, and 'tis lickly that I shan't mend it.
He's allays put up his hoss here, sir, iver since before I hed the Donnithorne Arms.
'Wouldn't ha' keered fer thet ef he'd hed a Christian tongue in his head.
Old Tom hed been goun' from bed tull worse, ploughun' up an' down the fields an' talkun' an' mutterun' tull humself.
- Feature B is a positive family history (one or more first-degree family members who meet the 2017 diagnostic criteria for hEDS; therefore, the reported family history requires further investigation).
In a cohort study, the overall use of psychotropics was significantly higher in patients with JHS/ hEDS compared with controls.
HEDS is a multidisciplinary group of professionals from the greater Houston area who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders and are committed to quality care of those affected by these disorders.