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hENTHuman Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter
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Roberts here cites Hent de Vries (1999, 287; 2002, 177, 386, 398).
The agreement gives the entire HENT an enterprise value of some NOK450m (USD77.
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Vibrant Matter repeats this post-secularity, beginning to determine the vibrancy of matter through a theological conceptualization of the absolute borrowed from Hent de Vries.
Hent de Vries seems to have proposed a similar project, saying that what is most important today is to discuss political theology in a postmodern way: to think the post-religious and the post-secular in such a way that secularism does not replace religion and religion does not replace secularism.
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It cost them only US$3 per barrel for production expenses, when Hent used to do it for US$9," he explained.
As Hent de Vries, in his appreciation of Heidegger, puts it, "The self [Dasein] carries the weight of the earth and of being and nothingness on its shoulders" (462).
For accounts of this concept of laicite, see Whitman, supra note 7 at 93; Yolande Jansen, "Laicite, or the Politics of Republican Secularism" in Hent de Vries & Lawrence Sullivan, eds, Policial Theologies: Public Religion in a Post-Seeular World (New York: Fordham University Press, 2006) 475; Talal Asad, "Trying to Understand French Secularism" in Hent de Vries & Lawrence E Sullivan, eds, Political Theologies: Public Religion in a Post-Secular World (New York: Fordham University Press, 2006) 494.