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HK2Human Kallikrein 2
HK2Hong Kong Isolate (hepatitis)
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We used the Kruskal-Wallis test to examine the associations between genotype at each SNP and kallikrein values (concentrations and absolute amounts of hK2 and PSA, in seminal plasma, and concentrations of hK2, tPSA, fPSA, and %fPSA, in serum).
Today's expansion of HK2, in conjunction with the recent completion of the Asia Tone acquisition, marks a momentous milestone for Equinix, and underscores its dedication to fostering data center development in the region.
Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific Airways is selling its 15 percent stake in Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering (HAECO) to Swire Pacific for HK2.
BB: GNSZ) announced that its patent application, entitled "Activation of Peptide Prodrugs by HK2," has been issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as US Patent 7,906,477.
para]]The $40 million investment to expand its second International Business Exchange data center, HK2, meets growing demand from cloud and content providers for interconnection services[[/para]]
Equinix has also recently announced the second phase expansion of its TY2 data center in Tokyo, the expansion of SY3 data center in Sydney, the third phase expansion of the existing SG2 center in Singapore, and building HK2 IBX data center in Hong Kong.
Various tissue studies have documented increases in the ratio of hK2 expression to PSA expression during carcinogenesis and PCa progression (8-10).
In addition to prostate-specific antigen (PSA, hK3), which has important applications as a marker for prostate cancer diagnosis and follow-up, and hK2, an emerging prostate cancer biomarker, many other members of the kallikrein family are also implicated in endocrine-dependent malignancies.
The new $63 million HK2 IBX data center will provide total capacity for more than 1,450 cabinet equivalents.
At the end of the period of results, a final dividend of HK2.
The 15 percent stake in the maintenance, repair and overhaul firm is being sold to Swire Pacific for HK2.