hLIFHuman Leukemia Inhibitory Factor
hLIFHuman Leukocyte Interferon Preparation
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The three cytokines, hLIF, hbFGF, and mSCF, are known to retain the pluripotency and proliferation potential of human and mouse stem cells [35, 36].
In our experiment, stage X avian blastoderm cells with stem cell morphology and epitope profiles could be maintained with stem-like characteristics for a long term in vitro with the support of the DF-1 feeder and basic culture medium supplemented with only three cytokines: human basic fibroblast growth factor (hbFGF), mouse stem cell factor (mSCF), and human leukemia inhibitory factor (hLIF).
(c) The combination of 20ng/[micro]l each of hLIF, hbFGF, and mSCF was the optimal concentration.
The main goal of this HLIF is to capture the complexity in the color distribution.
This section presents an experimental results of the proposed system HLIF. There are 52 LLIF feature set which is considered as the low level whereas the proposed system develops the 10 HLIF feature set along with the LLIF in order to increase the classification accuracy.
The main purpose of this paper is a set of high level intuitive features (HLIFs) which is mainly used for examing the skin lesions captures using standard digital cameras.
This section describes HLIFs as feature extraction framework as a solution to the classification problem and it is used in the detection of skin cancer in an easier manner.
The EMD is the best tool to compare the third and final set of HLIFs that occurs in the lesions color signatures found across different number of clusters [12].
* Feature Extraction: Followed by the illumination correction, the proposed system HLIFs presented in Section III were extracted as well as an existing low level feature set [2], which uses the ABCD criteria using standard camera images of pigmented skin lesions.
[S.sub.H]--set of 10 HLIFs presented in Section [11]