HSIEHuman Society and Its Environment (Australia)
hSIEHigh-Affinity Serum-Inducible Element (trauma surgery)
HSIEHuman Serum-Inducible Element
HSIEHealth System Information Exchange (Ontario, Canada)
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Students draw on prior topic knowledge developed within an HSIE unit (for example, natural environments).
This book should be used with a small critical literacy reading group, in pairs for literature study, or for individuals researching HSIE topics around identity and cultures and family/community and history or change.
At the centre of the development of the subject that is the focus of this study is collaboration between colleagues from HSIE and Science & Technology, two Key Learning Areas (KLAs) in the New South Wales school curriculum.
Given the diversity of perspectives in HSIE and Science & Technology alongside prior classroom teaching experience, both instructors felt strongly about developing a subject that would break the mold into which our teacher education core subjects typically fall: a 2-hour lecture with the whole group of up to 200 students and then break-outs with tutorial groups of 24 or so students.
He was founding President of the NSW Primary HSIE (Human Society and its Environment) Teachers' Association, and is vice president and immediate past president of the NSW Institute for Educational Research.