hTERTHuman Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase
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The hTERT, pontin, reptin and dyskerin expression profiles were determined human [beta]-actin was amplified as an reference gene.
So, in this study, the proliferation of copies of the hTERT gene in primary breast cancer was studied.
Subtelomeric demethylation deregulated hTERT expression, telomerase activity, and telomere length in four nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines.
The cDNA of the treated cells was amplified by Real-Time PCR using Maxima SYBR Green/ROXqpcr Master Mix (Fermentas, Vilnius, Lithuania) by the Rotor-GeneTM 6000 system (Corbett Research, Australia) according to the manufacturer's instructions and follow primers: forward 5' -CCGCCTGAGCTGTACTTTGT3', reverse 5'-CAGGTGAGCCACGAACTGT-3' for hTERT gene and forward 5' CAAGGTCATCCATGACAACTTTG-3' and reverse primer 5' GTCCACCACCCTGTTGCTGTAG-3' for GAPDH primer as house keeping gene.
Immunohistochemical expression of p53, p16 and hTERT in oral squamous cell carcinoma and potentially malignant disorders.
It has been reported that increased hTERT and/or hTERC gene expression may be an important mechanism involved in upregulated telomerase activity.
The LTL increase did not appear to be mediated by PM-related changes in hTERT expression and methylation.
Central role of PI3K in transcriptional activation of hTERT in HTLV-I- infected cells.
Primer sequences for representative stem marker genes were as follows; human Oct-4 (hOct-4, 450 bp, up; 5'-act cga gca att tgc caa gc-3'; down 5'-cgt tgt gca tag tcg ctg ct-3'), hNanog (498 bp, up; 5'-caa agg caa aca acc cac tt-3'; down 5'-ctg ttc cag gcc tga ttg tt-3') and hTert (508 bp, up; 5'-gta ctt tgt caa ggt gga tgt gac-3'; down 5'-agg tgt cac caa caa gaa atc at-3') were used as stem cell markers.
who showed that silencing a gene that codes for a protein called hTERT reduces drug resistance and migration of cancer cells.