hTERTHuman Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase
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Expression of p16 and hTERT protein is associated with the presence of high-risk human papillomavirus in Bowenoid papulosis.
The slides were incubated overnight with primary antibodies to OCT4 (Santa Cruz Biotechnology; dilution 1:150), SOX2 (Santa Cruz Biotechnology; 1:300), or hTERT (Abcam; 1:3000).
A novel prodrug of epigallocatechin- 3-gallate: differential epigenetic hTERT repression in human breast cancer cells.
We measured hTERT expression in cases and controls as an indicator for telomerase activity.
Proof of principle that such cells still maintain primary cell characteristics is given by knock-out of CD46 in the hTERT immortalized cell line RPTEC/TERT1 (Wieser et al., submitted).
Alterations in histone modifications, decreased methylation of hTERT promoter, and increased binding of the hTERT repressor E2F-1 at the promoter were proposed as mediators of the observed bioactivity [110].
The posttherapy levels of hTERT statistically decreased, and the difference of cfRNA levels between post- and preneoadjuvant therapy independently predicted tumor response.
It has been shown that cisplatin as well as 5-azacytidine touch off cytotoxic and growth inhibitory effects in vitro by demethylating the promoters of ESR1, BRCA1, RASSF1A, MLH1, MYOD1, hTERT, and DAPK1 to reexpress these tumor-associated genes [94].
Telomerase activity assessed as expression of telomerase reverse transcriptase, hTERT, and telomerase RNA component, hTERC, was gradually decreased during 6 to 11 weeks of gestation [24].
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