HVR1Hypervariable Region 1 (genetics)
HVR1Human Vanilloid Receptor-1
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The region encoding the last 171 bp of core, E1, and HVR1 (882 bp [nt 723-1604]) was compared with HCV strain H77 (GenBank accession no.
On the basis of the HVR1 quasispecies analysis, incident case-patients and potential source patients could be categorized into four clusters of infections with genetically related HCV.
This was particularly notable for the mAbs recognizing epitopes in HVR1 but also for other Abs recognizing linear epitopes [3] (Table 2).
Immediately downstream of the HVR1 is a highly conserved region of the HCV genome.
Blood samples were sent to CDC for testing for HCV genotype at the NS5b region and phylogenetic relatedness at the hypervariable 1 region (HVR1) to help determine whether a common source of transmission existed (1).
This portion of the mtDNA control region is generally referred to as the hypervariable region I (HVR1).