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HADALHulp Aan Dakloze Asielzoekers Liemers (Dutch homeless assistance organization)
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3) confirmed the above view by measuring the same hydrographic parameters as above in two hadal water columns near Japan: the Izu-Ogasawara (Bonin) Trench (29[degrees]05'N, 142[degrees]51'E; bottom depth: 9768 m) and the Japan Trench (38[degrees]46'N, 144[degrees]08'E; bottom depth: 7530 m).
Abu Hadal originally came to Yemen to learn Arabic and ended up spending two and a half years in the country after meeting her husband here.
When the trend of increasing TMAO in bony fishes with depth is extrapolated to hadal depths, the point at which the fishes would become isosmotic (osmoconforming) with seawater is 8000-8500 m, coinciding nicely with the maximum depth of fish from database records and observational data.
It seems likely, therefore, that at least some agglutinated foraminifera living at extreme hadal depths build their homes from material that sinks down from the ocean above.
Detritus-eaters are mainly represented by amphipods (lissianassids), polychaetes, brittle-stars, and fish, but only amphipods go down to the hadal zone.
With the development of novel autonomous in situ instrumentation to overcome large sampling artifacts from decompression, we will i) determine rates of benthic metabolism and the importance of the deep trenches for the marine carbon and nitrogen cycles, ii) explore the unique benthic microbial communities driving these processes, and iii) investigate the proposed great role of virus in regulating microbial performance and carbon cycling in hadal sediments.
Earlier this month Khaled Hadal Al-Qahtani, another wanted militant, surrendered to Saudi authorities.
The geographical distribution of the abyssal and hadal (ultra-abyssal) fauna in relation to the vertical zonation of the ocean.
5) HADAL ZONE: Such extreme depths are mostly found in deep-water trenches and canyons.
4) Thyasirids have a much wider distribution than other chemosymbiotic bivalve families; they are found from coastal to hadal depths, in different types of sediments, and from both poles to the equator.
Tenders are invited for Construction of LIS Hadal & Kaphari in Tehsil Nurpur Distt.
Summary: JEDDAH: Alleged Al-Qaeda operative Khaled Hadal Al-Qahtani, who figured high on a list of 47 most-wanted terrorists, has surrendered to Saudi security authorities, Interior Ministry spokesman Maj.