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HAESHealth at Every Size
HAESHave an Exit Strategy (fire safety)
HAESHigh Altitude ELINT System
HAESHaitian Association of Engineers and Scientists
HAESHigh Altitude Effects Simulation
HAESHydroxy-Äthyl-Stärke (anaesthesia, German)
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Such models include Health at Every Size (HAES) [1,19,32, 54,127], Health in Every Respect [35], and Physical Activity at Every Size [37].
Results were analyzed by repeated measures analysis of variance (ANOVA), where sampling interval was the within-subjects factor, and group (control, autotransfusion, haes, and hemospan) was the between-subjects factor.
Os resultados obtidos indicam que a maior porcentagem de umidade foi encontrada na cultivar Edson (11,44%) e as menores em 'HAES 344' (3,12%), 'HAES 814' (2,94%), 'HAES 722' (3,4%) e 'IAC Campinas-B' (3,19%) (Tabela 1).
(21.) Sprangers MA, Groenvold M, Arraras JI, Franklin J, Te Velde A, Muller M, Franzini L, Williams A, de Haes HC, Hopwood P, Cull A, Aaronson NK.
The event takes place at the Jordan Well gallery from 10am until 3pm to promote the work of Health at Every Size (HAES), a non-profit organisation.
2007; Stephen Smith el Geraldine Haes, Noir et francais!, Panama, Paris, 2006.
Udo de Haes: A hierarchal approach to ecosystems and its implications for ecological land classification.