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HAJIHydrogen Assisted Jet Ignition
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The profile of the Haji Hassan Group of Companies will be represented by Haji Hasan Ready-mix, Bahrain Precast Concrete, Bahrain Asphalt, Bahrain Pipes, Arabian Chemical Industries, Bahrain Blocks, Haji Hassan Reinforcement and Arabian Parts Company.
Firstly, we look to promote the world-class capabilities of Haji Hassan which has been built on over 60 years of expertise and investment in our facilities; and secondly, we see Gulf Construction Expo as an important showcase to present Bahrain as a leader in quality building materials.
Mirza Afridi was elected as an independent senator on one of the four vacant seats from Fata while Haji Ayub Afridi contested the polls for general seat from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the ticket of PTI.
In its earlier hearing, the apex court on July 28 asked the Maharashtra Government to apprise it within two weeks about the progress made by it in demolishing encroachments near the Haji Ali Shrine.
Haji Firuz and his companions dress in red costumes and wear felt hats.
Abdul Rahim, the son of Haji Amin, told Killid the land did not belong to the rival side.
Under the tutelage of Edwards, Haji developed by leaps and bounds.
Hajis normally flood stores to buy rosaries, prayer rugs, white shirts and jewelry as gifts for their relatives and friends, according to a survey conducted by the JCCI.
Nasrullah Baryalai Arsalai and Haji Din Mohammad are two brothers but the former supported presidential contender Dr.
Muscat: Haji Baba, fondly known as Cap Haji in and around Muttrah and Muscat, has forgotten for how long has he been making and selling the traditional hand-stitched Omani caps in Oman.
THE founder of Stechford mosque, Haji Fazal Ellahi, has died at the age of 86.
Hundreds of Pakistani expatriates paid tribute to philanthropist Haji Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob at the Pakistan Association Dubai on Monday.