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HALOHigh Altitude Low Opening (parachuting)
HALOHalation (cinematography)
HALOHigh Altitude Observatory
HALOHispanic American Leadership Organization (student organization)
HALOHostile Artillery Locator (BAE Systems)
HALOHighly Advanced Loader Operations (paintball)
HALOHazardous Area Life-Support Organization (Humanitarian aid organization and trust fund)
HALOHigh Altitude Large Optics
HALOHigh Amount Lock Out (stocks)
HALOHigh Altitude Low Orbit (game)
HALOHigh Altitude Low Observable
HALOHigh Altitude Long Operating (Angel Technologies)
HALOHypersonic Aircraft Launch Option
HALOHematopoietic/Hemotoxicity Assays Via Luminescence Output (HemoGenix)
HALOHigh Availability Load Optimizing (web hosting)
HALOHelp a Loser Out
HALOHelping and Leading Others (est. 2009)
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He was all smiles, and had his halo tilted over one ear in a cocky way, and was the most satisfied- looking saint I ever saw.
It is true," he said, looking up at the colonel, who stood motionless, and then at Stephanie, on whom death was placing that resplendent beauty, that fugitive halo, which is, perhaps, a pledge of the glorious future--"Yes, she is dead.
She knew she had only two days left; that when once the order was signed by Buckingham- -and Buckingham would sign it the more readily from its bearing a false name, and he could not, therefore, recognize the woman in question--once this order was signed, we say, the baron would make her embark immediately, and she knew very well that women condemned to exile employ arms much less powerful in their seductions than the pretendedly virtuous woman whose beauty is lighted by the sun of the world, whose style the voice of fashion lauds, and whom a halo of aristocracy gilds with enchanting splendors.
But, from his present point of view, there was a halo of happiness about each of their heads, and he would have sacrificed all the brass buttons on the continent to have been enabled to return to them.
Doubtless it will be thought that I ought now, by way of contrast, to show something charming; some gentle virgin head, circled with a halo, some sweet personification of innocence, clasping the dove of peace to her bosom.
The speaker was a broadly-built man, whose large, flat, pale face was bounded on the North by a fringe of hair, on the East and West by a fringe of whisker, and on the South by a fringe of beard--the whole constituting a uniform halo of stubbly whitey-brown bristles.
But Achilles dear to Jove arose, and Minerva flung her tasselled aegis round his strong shoulders; she crowned his head with a halo of golden cloud from which she kindled a glow of gleaming fire.
The butterfly then appeared to recover the power of voluntary motion, while its hues assumed much of their original lustre, and the gleam of starlight, which was its most ethereal attribute, again formed a halo round about it.
Blunt, populated by the agile, bearded beasts with cynical heads, and a little misty figure dark in the sunlight with a halo of dishevelled rust-coloured hair about its head.
He threw it over his arm, and approaching the window squarely he saw a monstrous form of a fat man in an arm- chair, an unshaded lamp, the yawning of an enor- mous mouth in a big flat face encircled by a ragged halo of hair--Miss Bessie's head and bust.
I did inherit Thy withering portion with the fame, The searing glory which hath shone Amid the jewels of my throne, Halo of Hell
And its ugly energy seemed all the stranger for its halo of hoary hair.