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X10 (Roman numeral)
XUnknown Quantity (variable)
XExperimental (US Military aircraft designation, as in X-1)
XTelephone Extension
XX Windows (TCP/IP-based network-oriented window system)
XMultiplied by
XMPAA Movie Rating for Adults Only
XSpecial Equipment (Stores 100 code)
XGeneration X
XX-ray (aviation letter code)
XEx (former)
XCorporation (IRB)
XExcept (medical orders)
XTransfer (prefix)
XExtreme (games)
XStrike (bowling)
XMalcolm X
XAxis (ophthalmological-related)
XHalogen (organic chemistry)
XNorthwest Territories (postal code designation, Canada)
XBrigade (Graphical Representation/Army)
XX Chromosome (genetics)
XÉcole Polytechnique (French famous university)
XXerox Corporation
XX Gene (X-Men)
XOffensive team (sports/coaching)
XBehind the Goal (Lacrosse)
XSpecial Distribution (Air Force)
XPersonal Mark (or signature)
X50 Proof (Alcoholic Beverages)
XFemale Chromosome
XPerpendicular to Orbit Plane
XInitial Position Error (of casualty)
X8-12 GHz frequency band
XExophoria At Distance (ophthalmology)
XHorizontal axis in Cartesian coordinate system
X[not an acronym] Last name taken by some Nation of Islam members
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The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, the special guest at the event, who was represented by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations, Lagos, DCP Alli Muhammed, commended Academy Halogen and its co-facilitating organizations for initiating a training programme targeting the Police at such a security-challenging time.
Michael Slaunwhite is the co-founder, executive chairman and largest shareholder of Halogen.
When you're buying your usual halogen bulbs, you generally see people stocking up and buying more than one, just in case one goes pop and you need a new bulb immediately.
Ali Sadeqi, one of the Iranian researchers, explained that halogen bonds are very weak in fluorine and they do not usually occur.
INSTANT D5736 Halogen Heater - Black D5735 Halogen Heater - White D6209 2 x Replacement Halogen Tubes PS4.99 F | | For more call 09050 700 70 (Calls cost 77ppm)
D5735 Halogen Heater White PS39.99 D5736 Halogen Heater Black PS39.99 D6209 Pack of 2 Halogen Tubes PS4.99 SAFETY INSTANT ALL ROOM HEAT IN COMPLETE Item Code Was Our Price 3" Single D2307 PS59.99 PS39.99 3" Double D2308 PS79.99 PS59.99 3" King D2309 PS99.99 PS69.99 3" S/King D5956 PS109.99 PS79.99 5" Single D6555 PS79.99 PS59.99 5" Double D6556 PS99.99 PS79.99 5" King D6557 PS119.99 PS89.99 5" S/King D6558 PS139.99 PS99.99 Pillow D2303 PS12.99 PS9.99 Duck Feather & Down Combination Duvets From just PS59.99 plus p&p SAVE UP TO Swivel Top Side Table A duvet for all seasons with a 100% pure cotton cover.
Among 3,000K lamps that had an output of at least 500 lumens or claimed to be at least equivalent to a 50-W halogen MR16, the test results showed that despite across-the-board performance improvements, such products still don't match the lumen output and CBCP of typical 50-W halogen MR16s--and in fact, most didn't even match a typical 35-W halogen MR16.
INSTANT ALL ROOM HEATIN COMPLETE SAFETY Product Code Price halogen heaters - white x 2 d5735 PS39.99 halogen heaters - black x 2 d5736 PS39.99 Unisex all-JUst Weather 9 PS19.9 plus p&p bOOts PS39.99 rrP save PS20 Buy two pairs for PS35 Get ready for another long winter with these wonderfully cosy waterproof boots.
The tungsten halogen lights in common use in airfield lighting fittings today have been around since the early 1970s.
Low-Smoke Zero Halogen indoor/outdoor breakout cables are perfectly suited for rugged applications and installations requiring increased performance.
In this article the halogen bonding abilities of nitrobenzene along with halogens and different chlorofluorocarbons have been investigated theoretically at the B3LYP /6-31+G(d) method of DFT.
Halogen bonding, a noncovalent interaction between a halogen atom acting as an electron acceptor and an electron-rich Lewisbase, has been known for nearly 150 years [1-6].