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HHCHealth and Hospitals Corporation (New York, NY)
HHCHeadquarters Company
HHCHome Health Care
HHCHtml Help Equivalent
HHCHand Held Console
HHCHtml Help Activex Control
HHCHtml Help Contents
HHCHand Hygiene Compliance (healthcare)
HHCHet Hogeland College (Netherlands)
HHCHolistic Health Counselor
HHCHis Holy Church (Summer Lake, OR)
HHCHorizons for Homeless Children (Massachusetts)
HHCHereditary Hemochromatosis
HHCHand-Held Computer
HHCHutton Honors College (Indiana University)
HHCHiphopcanada Inc. (website)
HHCHost-to-Host Connection (computing)
HHCHand-to-Hand Combat
HHCHeadquarters & Headquarters Company
HHCHigher Harmonic Control
HHCHappy Hard Core
HHCHope and Homes for Children
HHCHorsehead Holding Corp. (Pennsylvania)
HHCHousing and Human Concerns (Hawaii)
HHCHighly Hazardous Chemical
HHCHemophilia Home Care (Wisconsin)
HHCHistorical Heritage Commission (California)
HHCHypocalciuric Hypercalcemia
HHCHerma Heart Center (Wisconsin)
HHCHand Held Crypto
HHCHerbal High Co.
HHCHackberry Hill Communications
HHCHealthcare Hazard Control
HHCHTML (HyperText Markup Language) Help Compiler (Microsoft)
HHCHahnemann Homoeopathic Clinic (India)
HHCHappy Home Center
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The GSM phone module is the result of a partnership between Option and Handspring Inc, a company marketing the Visor line of hand-held computers.
At present, only a few of the 1,500 officers have been issued with hand-held computers and providing them for every officer would be very costly.
The Apple Newton was such a flop after its introduction nearly four years ago that every developer of hand-held computers got a black eye.
on a hand-held computer that looked suspiciously like an Apple Newton.
Also known as PDAs, hand-held computers have a wealth of features that can be used to support learning in the classroom.