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HANGHawaiian Air National Guard
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It is our custom not to hang a man without inquiring whether there is any woman who wants him.
But the chief president had replied with his habitual coolness, without betraying either disturbance or surprise, that should the agitators refuse obedience to the king's wishes he would have gallows erected in the public squares and proceed at once to hang the most active among them.
An impenetrable mystery" was sure "to hang for ever" as far as all mankind was concerned.
E'en let them do as they are permitted,'' said Wamba; ``I trust no disparagement to your birth that the son of Witless may hang in a chain with as much gravity as the chain hung upon his ancestor the alderman.
And so farewell, master, and be kind to poor Gurth and his dog Fangs; and let my cockscomb hang in the hall at Rotherwood, in memory that I flung away my life for my master, like a faithful fool.
We've forgotten, but--never mind, Brother, thy tail hangs down behind!
Once your first hook is in place, hang a weighted piece of string from it so you can see where to put your next hook.
In the autumn of the year that Kai Hang turned twenty-five, it became fashionable to wear gray outfits.
But I thought, if I were to hang myself every day, I could whip the boredom of my daily life.
Winter tree decorating projects are for all denominations, since all children love to hang items such as their creations of painted CDs, decorated playing cards and potato chip bags.
With practice, you will be able to hang an average load of laundry in about five minutes and take them down in that amount of time.
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