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HDSPHigh Desert State Prison (Indian Springs, NV)
HDSPHeart Disease and Stroke Prevention (medicine)
HDSPHeart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program
HDSPHeavy Drop Specialist
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HDSPHammerfall Digital Signal Processing
HDSPHigh-Performance Digital Signal Processing
HDSPHigh Definition Sound Projector (horn principle used in professional audio systems)
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No men are more submissive to their leaders and employers, more capable of enduring hardship, or more good-humored under privations.
They were "northwesters;" men seasoned to hardships, who cared for neither wind nor weather.
I have fought through hardships that have laid the best-seasoned men of all our party on their backs.
The hardship of the cramped crate began after Michael had been carried into a big room above the stage and deposited with nearly a score of similarly crated dogs.
This follows also on another natural and common necessity, which always causes a new prince to burden those who have submitted to him with his soldiery and with infinite other hardships which he must put upon his new acquisition.
Rosamond had the double purchase over him of insensibility to the point of justice in his reproach, and of sensibility to the undeniable hardships now present in her married life.
But they kept on with dogged patience, through many hardships.
I was not willing to expose the brave fellows to the perils, fatigues, and hardships of that fearful route again if it could be helped.
Death soon ended what little we could have while she lived, and with it her hardships and suffering.
Henry of the Missouri Company, the first American who trapped upon the head-waters of the Columbia; and the frightful hardships sustained by Wilson P.
Every day I suffer a thousand hardships and misfortunes, and have hard work to get even enough bad barley bread to keep myself and my family alive, while the lucky Sindbad spends money right and left and lives upon the fat of the land
All kept silence for some time, and the King told us by his interpreter that we were welcome to his dominions, that he had been informed we were to come by the Emperor his father, and that he condoled the hardships we had undergone at sea.