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H/GHarry (Potter) and Ginny (Weasly)
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Oh, there is really very little to tell, Harry," answered the painter; "and I am afraid you will hardly understand it.
You know yourself, Harry, how independent I am by nature.
Sir Harry sighed, and looked at the villas mournfully.
He built his villas according to his desire; and not until he had inserted an immovable aunt into one of them did Sir Harry buy.
The former now held out his hand to Harry Maylie; and hearty salutations were exchanged between them.
Above stairs, the remainder of the evening passed cheerfully away; for the doctor was in high spirits; and however fatigued or thoughtful Harry Maylie might have been at first, he was not proof against the worthy gentleman's good humour, which displayed itself in a great variety of sallies and professional recollections, and an abundance of small jokes, which struck Oliver as being the drollest things he had ever heard, and caused him to laugh proportionately; to the evident satisfaction of the doctor, who laughed immoderately at himself, and made Harry laugh almost as heartily, by the very force of sympathy.
You might almost guess as much from this letter; it is long enough for anything; but, Harry, if it makes you realize that one of your oldest friends is glad to have seen you, and will be gladder still to see you again, and to talk of anything and everything except the past, I shall cease to be ashamed even of its length!
No, Harry, I am serious, and I am ashamed to see how men go on who ought to know better.
Oh, yes; very much indeed,' replied I; for I had now discovered that it was Harry Meltham she meant, not Mr.
Harry Meltham likes such manners; and so do papa's friends.
But Job Rudkin and Harry Winburn were the stars--the former stiff and sturdy, with legs like small towers; the latter pliant as indiarubber and quick as lightning.
But Harry Winburn was undeniably his master; from the first clutch of hands when they stood up, down to the last trip which sent him on to his back on the turf, he felt that Harry knew more and could do more than he.