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HATRACKHurricane and Typhoon Tracking
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(30) Visually, the Hatrack appears to be a humble object, rather than a "profoundly disturbing and unsettling" one, like its close relative and predecessor the Bottlerack of 1914, which was in fact the first "pure," unassisted (yet to be named as such) readymade.
One Moscow intellectual screeched that Solzhenitsyn, with his "Hollywood beard," is "a walking skeleton, a hatrack and a eunuch, castrated by his fame." (18) Another spluttered with mixed metaphors: "Solzhenitsyn is a spiritual statue....
These advertisements spoke directly to the home economist by juxtaposing threateningly scientific words with the photograph of an all-American, active child who requires the food energy provided by sugar, rather than the empty calories of the synthetically sweetened diet drink that, she is told, he needs "like a moose needs a hatrack." Rosenquist's flags use the same industrial typeface as the advertisement decrying the synthetic sweetener, and juxtapose the names of these chemicals with the image of Cover Girl, as daughter, threatened by chemical additives, and presumably protected by the expertise of her mother, the home economist.
It is particularly nice to see three often-reprinted but stellar short stories: "Bones of the Earth" from Ursula Le Guin's new Earthsea series; "Hatrack River," the story that started Orson Scott Card's Alvin Maker series; and Neil Gaiman's "Chivalry," a charming Grail-in-a-thrift store story.