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Pearson (2002), however, has argued that eighteenth-century insurers recognized the concept of moral hazard and implemented measures to control it.
On appeal, Hazard sought reformation of the marital agreement, arguing that both parties relied on an erroneous appraisal when entering into the agreement and that their reliance constituted mutual mistake.
The possibility of overlooking a hazard or underestimating a risk is minimized.
Hazard reports are also submitted for previously unrecognized hazards so that another agency may determine the appropriate corrective action to eliminate the hazard and any other unusual hazard discovered during maintenance, repair, inspections, or evolutions where notifying other activities may prevent future mishaps.
The Combustible Dust Hazard Investigation report is online at www.
As a result of the amendment, Local Law 1 now requires building owners to reduce lead hazards in units in multiple dwellings in which a child under six years resides.
The site-specific program and job hazard analysis forms are in the form of templates that can be customized to suit the needs of the individual demolition professional, according to the association.
The injunction targeting Hazard Grande, which authorities say is also known as Big Hazard and operates in the Ramona Gardens area, was granted by Superior Court Judge Dzintra Janavs, officials announced Tuesday.
The scope of the problem and the limited amount of money the city gets for lead hazard control leaves officials in a difficult position.
One of the hazards associated with 'locking out' such items as electrical disconnects is unless you open the cover to assure that all blades have broken contact, the circuit is still energized.
Hazard Assessment: Conduct weekly inspections of equipment.
He recalled that other squadrons had experienced similar incidents and a hazard report was required.