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HDNGHistorische Databank Nederlandse Gemeenten (Historical Database of Dutch Municipalities)
HDNGholder in due negotiation
HDNGHeavy Duty Nitrile Gloves
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Heading frequency also correlated with poorer performance on the working memory task.
Some people say brain injuries could be caused not by heading but by clashes of heads or elbows bashing heads.
Jeff Astle, whose football career was marked by his powerful headed goals, died from a degenerative brain disease caused by the constant heading of a heavy and often wet leather ball in January 2002.
Despite the game's popularity and the possibility of head injuries, only a few researchers have looked at the effects of heading in soccer.
Soccer experts have long debated the question of safety in heading the ball, and though they've never arrived at a consensus of opinion, they agree that heading can be made safer.