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HEARTSHealth Effects And Risk of Transport Systems (World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe)
HEARTSHome Educators Applying Righteous Teaching Standards (Florida)
HEARTSHealth Education and Rural Training Society (India)
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Some learned how by pleasant dreams to cheer and comfort mortal hearts, by whispered words bf love to save from evil deeds those who had gone astray, to fill young hearts with gentle thoughts and pure affections, that no sin might mar the beauty of the human flower; while others, like mortal children, learned the Fairy alphabet.
For a hunt after susceptible simpletons: all mouse-traps for the heart have again been set
In the bitterness of his heart, the Blackfoot renegade repined at the mishap which had severed him from a race of congenial spirits, and driven him to take refuge among beings so destitute of martial fire.
So they came to Helios, who is watchman of both gods and men, and stood in front of his horses: and the bright goddess enquired of him: `Helios, do you at least regard me, goddess as I am, if ever by word or deed of mine I have cheered your heart and spirit.
It was the heart of a most respectable rich man, whose name is certain to be found in the Directory.
Sacred moments, when heart talked to heart in the silence of the night, turning affliction to a blessing, which chastened grief and strengthned love.
Two years did Elizabeth and I know the love that passeth all understanding, and day by day the chestnut upon her head was more and the gold less, till the day came that she had prophesied, and with the day a little child, whose hair had stolen all her mother's gold, as her heart had drained away her mother's life.
began the priest in that voice, clear, not grandiloquent but mild, in which only the Slav clergy read and which acts so irresistibly on a Russian heart.
She sang first of the birth of love in the heart of a boy and a girl.
What has the letter to do with any heart save mine?
But as there was no one to tell her so, and as the words of Cornelius's thoughtless speech had fallen upon her heart like drops of poison, she did not dream, but she wept.
craving heart, for the lost flowers And sunshine of my summer hours