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HEEDSHierarchical Evolutionary Engineering Design System (software package)
HEEDSHelicopter Emergency Egress Device System (breathing apparatus; US Coast Guard)
HEEDSHardness Enhancement and Evaluation of Detector Subarrays
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When he has brought you within Achilles' tent, Achilles will not kill you nor let another do so, for he will take heed to his ways and sin not, and he will entreat a suppliant with all honourable courtesy.
Now when Priam and Idaeus had driven past the great tomb of Ilius, they stayed their mules and horses that they might drink in the river, for the shades of night were falling, when, therefore, Idaeus saw Mercury standing near them he said to Priam, "Take heed, descendant of Dardanus; here is matter which demands consideration.
Jackie Heeds commented: This is a huge achievement for the University which will bring benefits to not only the University but to the students as well, both UK and international, who will be able to enjoy the wider student experience.
This new HEEDS Portal to Adams streamlines the process of including multibody simulation models into the process automation and design exploration capabilities of HEEDS MDO[R].
The acquired business will continue to develop Heeds as a tool that can be combined with any computer-aided design (CAD) or CAE software.
Speaking to media he said that the situation in the volatile province had not improved in the caretaker setup, adding that the establishment was not ready to pay heed to Baloch voice.
Taakin Heeds is a collection of three new short plays about very different, colourful Geordie characters, and premieres at the Durham City venue next Wednesday.