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HTHeat (real estate)
HTHaiti (ISO country code, top level domain)
HTHeights (street type)
HTHors Taxes (French: Excluding Taxes)
HTHi There
HTHardtail (bike suspension)
HTHarris Teeter (grocery store)
HTHappy Thanksgiving
HTHyper-Transport (AMD)
HTHammer Throw
HTHarriet Tubman
HTHeavy Timber
HTHanshin Tigers (Japanese professional baseball team)
HTHandheld Transceiver (walkie-talkie)
HTHashimoto Thyroiditis
HTHerding Tested
HTHand Timed (track and field)
HTHague Tribunal
HTHandi-Talkie (two way radio)
HTHand Talk (Radio)
HTHalo Trust
HTHide Turtle (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
HTHarm Touch (gaming)
HTHighty-Tighty (Regimental Band of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets)
HTHamilton Tigercats
HTHoc Tempore (Latin: At This Time)
HTHeavy Terminal
HTTritiated Hydrogen Gas
HTHumanoid Typhoon (Anime title Trigun)
HTHypothermally Treated (EPA)
HTHirohiigo Togashi (gaming)
HTHordes of the Things (TV show)
HTTransmitter Height
HTHalt Typing (terminal command)
HTHybrid Trunk
HTHalotracks (Halo gaming clan)
HTHindutsan Times
HTHardtastic (gaming clan)
HTHigh Tension Tank (electron microscopy)
HT(USN Rating) Hull Maintenance Technician
HTHovedstadens Trafikselskab (Danish for the Capital's Traffic Organisation (Bus System))
HTHypertropia at Distance (ophthalmology; opposite of hypotropia)
HTHypotropia At Distance (ophthalmology)
HTHome Teaching (LDS church)
HTHydrothermally Treated
HTHead Tilt (stretching exercise)
HTHydroxytryptamine (serotonin)
HTHelicopter Training Squadron
HTHuman Trafficking
HTHeavy Trucks
HTHizb al-Tahrir (Islamist political party)
HTHosting Talk
HTHeads-Tails (possible outcome for flipping a coin twice)
HTHypertension (high blood pressure)
HTHrvatski Telekom (Croatian Telecom)
HTHigh-Technology (1980s Cadillac engines)
HTHighway Transport (trucking company)
HTHat Tip
HTHot Topic (clothing retailer)
HTHot Truck (Cornell University)
HTHuman Torch (comic)
HTHigh Threshold
HTHuman Transporter (Segway LLC)
HTHeight of Target
HTHeat Transfer
HTHeat Treated
HTHolding Tank
HTHolding Time
HTHorizontal Tab
HTHigh Temperature
HTHigh Tensile
HTHigh Tension (as in electric power transmission)
HTHilly Terrain
HTHybrid Theory (Linkin Park album)
HTHostile Territory
HTHot Tub
HTHyperion Telecommunications, Inc.
HTHome Theater
HTHormone Therapy
HTHolland Tunnel (Jersey City / Lower Manhattan)
HTHome Teacher
HTHybrid Tea (type of rose)
HTHeat Therapy
HTHigh Templar (Starcraft unit)
HTHistology Technician
HTHyper-Threading Technology (Intel)
HTHough Transform
HtHostile Takeover (gaming)
HTHighland Terrace (Elementary School; Shoreline School District)
HTHeat Treatment
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Glen's the same height as me - 5ft 8in - so using that measurement we work out how tall stars are when standing next to him.
Considering the heights that were being cleared, it almost seemed like they could reach up and touch the message left behind by the airplane.
A direct measurement of the spatial density distribution in the neutron standing wave above a mirror is preferable compared to its study using a scatterer with a variable height.
By adding sandpaper to the ramp, the marble rolled to a lower ending height.
Anthropometric historians, people who actually make careers out of studying the cultural subtext of human height, believe that height could be an uber-indicator of social welfare, a physical composite of the factors that demonstrate a society's well-being.
George Chancy, JCB's compact equipment product marketing manager, says, "If in fact they need to raise the material up to a certain height to dump or to discharge, the machine obviously has to clear the minimum height requirement.
Height through the early childhood events that shaped her perception of democracy and through every significant movement led by and on behalf of black people in America--including the 1963 March on Washington and the 1995 Million Man March.
Lower dam height works best with higher-viscosity resins and vice versa.
Push off the back leg, driving the knee up and forward to get as much height and distance as possible Repeat alternating legs 10 times.
That would shrink the thermosphere and cause the height of the ionosphere to drop by 10 to 20 km, according to calculations.
Only when it is realized that small variations in height may produce large differences in life outcomes does the measurement issue take on its full importance.
Vint's research also indicates that where one technique has the force of both legs to gain maximum takeoff velocity, the other technique benefits from an increased takeoff height as a result of the elevated leg.