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to act on all applications for building and structure height limits above the regular height set by the city for approval or disapproval; To determine the total floor area generated above the regular height limit that can be assessed for premium regulatory fees;
On each radiograph the mandibular ridge height (upto inferior boundary of mental foramen a1) was taken by measuring the distance from the lower border of the mandible to the inferior edge of the mental foramen.
The sources said the civic agency was likely to allow the height of buildings in Blue Area to 700 to 800 feet.
As a result of the crises since the 1980s, the average height in Bulgaria has decreased by about 1 cm.
Height at last rib (HLR)###Vertical distance from middle of body to the ground
Inclusion criteria were as follows: (1) diagnosis of SGA (Birth weight and/or length < -2 SDS), (2) treatment with recombinant human GH (rGH), given continuously on a daily basis during at least 3 years when treatment started before puberty and at least 2 years when started near the onset of puberty, (3) breast stage <B3 for girls and a testicular volume < 10 ml for boys at the start of GH therapy, and (4) achievement of AH, defined as a height velocity < 2 cm/year.
Also, the army men and Hezbollah imposed control over the regions of Sahal Mar Tiseh, Khirbet Mar Tiseh and Sahal al-Fakhouriyeh West of al-Brij heights at Syria-Lebanon common borders.
Studies which have done to analyze the effect of height on NCS parameters have shown a significant positive correlation of height with distal latency and significant negative correlation of height with conduction velocity.
Before sowing, loose and standing residue were collected separately, as standing stubbles height treatments alter the ratio of loose to standing stubbles.
At baseline, those with growth hormone deficiency were a mean of 11 years old; their height was a mean of 2.4 standard deviations (SDs) below atypical.
Celebrity height twins: Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johannson 5ft 4in The Queen Start practising your curtsey - the average British woman is the same height as the monarch.
Meanwhile, people in Spain and Italy and many countries in Latin America and East Asia are still gaining height.