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HLCLHapag-Lloyd Container Line (worldwide shipping)
HLCLHigh-Level Concurrent Languages (programming languages workshop)
HLCLHigh Level Command Language
HLCLHind Lever Chemicals Ltd.
HLCLHuman Lymphoblastoid Cell Line
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The company was formerly known as Helical Bar and Engineering Company Limited.
An attempt is made in the paper to design a straight tube heat exchanger and a helical coil heat exchanger using CAIA V5.
After flap elevation, the anterior and posterior edges of the helical rim, which were pedicled on the medial perichondrial flap, were advanced and reapproximated; redundant soft tissue on the medial side of the auricle was excised and closed.
In order to investigate influence of the internal anisotropic shield on the helical system characteristics, let us firstly consider and examine characteristics of a simplified version of the system (Fig.
Thus unenhanced helical CT scan can serve as a primary imaging modality for evaluation of ureterolithiasis.
Antenna is made up with coaxial supply line, metal ground, helical line radiator whose coil number is few and a loaded metal disk which is apart from the helical line.
Helical piles consist of steel shafts with attached pitched steel plates that are screwed into the ground and are used for foundational support for structures.
These geared motors are certified for European, American and Asian markets, can be supplied with helical, parallel shaft and bevel helical gears in power ranges up to 200 kW and have a rated gear torque of up to 20,000 Nm.
The Mueller Environmental Designs Helical Coil Separator Model KLS is a multiple element separator intended for the high efficiency separation of solids and/or liquids from gas streams that exhibit spray, annular, and slug flow regimes.
Both Tesco and Helical, the development partner of the Midlands Co-operative Society, want to buy the half-acre site off Hazelwell Lane, in Stirchley.
Sanding and cross-grain helical planing produced surfaces with no visible defects and yielded the best pull-off adhesion before an accelerated aging; however, these surfaces showed a loss of adhesion after aging.
The cylindrical mixer has alternating helical lands that seal against the casing, and notched barrier lands that are offset from the casing.