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We found no statistical difference between the activity variables of patients with hemiparesis of the dominant arm and hemiparesis of the nondominant arm.
Patients were included as they met the following criteria: (a) they experienced first episode of unilateral stroke with hemiparesis; (b) they were able to walk without the physical assistance of a therapist or carer on assessment; this criterion corresponds to Functional Ambulation Categories (FAC) level 3 (16); (c) they had no complicating medical history such as cardiopulmonary or orthopaedic disorders; (d) they were able to understand and follow simple verbal instructions, and (e) they had provided written or verbal informed consent to participate.
The anterior circulation, especially the middle cerebral artery (MCA), is generally the most commonly affected; hence the hemiparesis (Table V).
In conformity with MRC scale, 208 (62.7%) patients with the fourth stage of CCI had hemiparesis of light degree, 92 (27.7%) had moderated hemiparesis, and 32 (9.6%) patients--hemiparesis of heavy degree.
Instead, they get a list of symptoms like seizure disorder and hemiparesis, or of co-occurring problems like depression or substance use disorder." While medicine recognizes cognitive disorders, there are none specific to adults with TBI, so, she says "their cognitive dysfunctions end up getting tossed in with disorders like Alzheimer's Disease and dementia."
INTRODUCTION: Individuals with history of stroke often experience residual hemiparesis (one-sided weakness).
The hindlimb hemiparesis induced by unilateral motor cortex lesion shows complete recovery at 10 days with least variability among rats after infarction (4,5).
The three-year-old has trouble walking because of a condition called Hemiparesis that has left her weak on one side of her body.
I was left with hemiparesis (weakness on one side of the body) and cognitive dysfunction.
Forty inpatients with severe hemiparesis within one year of having suffered their first stroke, and without neglect, apraxia or severe cognitive deficits, were recruited.
Question: Twenty minutes into an otherwise routine endoscopic examination, the patient sustained a stroke, which left him with cognitive loss and hemiparesis. The etiology was later established to be air embolism.
At 35 weeks gestation, the mother had convulsions, followed by decreased conscience, hemiparesis, and hospitalization.