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Hemihemispherical (combustion chambers in engines)
HemiHopkins Extreme Materials Institute (Johns Hopkins University; Maryland)
HemiHigher Education Mentoring Initiative (University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH)
HemiHigh Energy Metals, Inc. (Sequim, WA)
HemiHagyard Equine Medical Institute (Lexington, KY)
HemiHybrid EFIE (Electric Field Integral Equation) /MFIE (Magnetic Field Integral Equation) Iterative
HemiHusky Energy Marketing, Inc. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
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Northrop Grummans Hemispherical Resonator Gyro Achieves 50 Million Operating Hours in Space
Researchers started with a hemispherical glass dome to show how they could overcome the challenge of printing electronics on a curved surface.
Figure 7 shows the finite element model of the hemispherical probe test.
In order to assess Leaf Area Index data from hemispherical photography (LAIHP), it is important to analyze their relationship with LAI obtained by conventional destructive or not-destructive methods.
Vaughan, "Geometric design and comparison of multifaceted antenna arrays for hemispherical coverage," IEEE Trans.
It is common practice for ATC to disregard the hemispherical rule when expedient.
Hemispherical photography, carried out with fish-eye lenses for instance, allowing for imaging a large area of surrounding space in just single picture.
Combining a hemispherical heating element array with a unique mounting configuration at the blower inlet, the system is constructed to use the Venturi effect.
In the history of gigantic Stupa constructions, forthcoming week would make a great leap forward by depositing those relics in the hemispherical dome of the Sandahiru Stupa admits Maha Sanga.
Hemispherical photography is a technique to study leaf canopies via photographs acquired from a hemispherical lens (fisheye) below the canopy (oriented in the zenith direction).
In this case, the 'what if?' being: a hemispherical force field.
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